How do you defend a lob in doubles? [Explained]

When playing doubles, it is important to be aware of the lob. A lob is a powerful overhead shot that can easily put your partner out of position. There are several ways to defend against a lob:

  • Use your body to block the ball: Position yourself in front of your partner, between the ball and the net, and use your body to block the ball.
  • Block the player with the ball: If you’re able to block the player with the ball, do so as soon as possible. This will give your partner time to get back into position.
  • React quickly: Be ready to react quickly if your partner is hit with a lob. Keep an eye on where the lob is going, and jump or spin onto it as soon as it’s heading towards her.
How do you defend a lob in doubles

Who covers the lob in doubles?

In singles, the lob is one of the most devastating shots in the game. Defenders must be alert at all times to stop a lob from hitting the net, and offensive players must be ready to volley or spike the ball over the net when they spot an opportunity.

However, defending against a lob in doubles is much more complex. There are two main defenders covering the lob: the backcourt partner of the player serving and their frontcourt partner.

The backcourt partner covers the lob by positioning themselves behind their frontcourt partner so that they can block any shot coming from behind them, and also take responsibility for defending their frontcourt partner’s back line.

The frontcourt partner then needs to watch both of their opponent’s service games in order to stay aware of potential lobs.

How do you stop a Lobber in Tennis?

Many tennis players struggle with how to stop a lobber. After all, lobbing is a very effective way to get the ball over the net and into the court.

If you find yourself facing off against a Lobber in Tennis, there are a few things you can do to try and stop them.

First, try your best to stay mobile and keep your court coverage as tight as possible. If the Lobber is able to get behind you, they will be able to hit some big loops that will catch you off guard.

Secondly, use your bounce-back shot ability to take the ball away from the Lobber before they can hit it back at you.

Finally, make sure to capitalize on any opportunities that come your way; it might not always be easy, but playing aggressively is one of the best ways to halt a Lobber’s progress.

How do you dominate the net in Tennis?

Tennis can be an incredibly competitive sport, but it’s not always easy to dominate the net. Here are Some tips for dominating the net in tennis.

  • Practice your footwork. Make sure you are practicing your footwork regularly so that you can keep your opponent at a distance and control the court.
  • Use your backhand well. Your backhand is one of your most effective weapons in tennis, so make sure to use it to its full potential. Be aggressive with it and try to hit powerful shots low to the ground.
  • Listen to your coach. Your coach will have advice on how to dominate the net, so be sure to listen carefully and implement their advice into your game plan.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are defending a lob in doubles, there are a few things you can do to try and save the point. First, be aggressive back at your partner and try to get them off balance.

Second, stay as close as possible to your opponent so that you can react quickly if they lob again. Third, keep your eye on the ball at all times, and make sure to hit your shots with power. And finally, don’t give up!

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