How do You Execute a Tennis Backhand? (Beginner Guide)

If you’re looking to improve your backhand. There are a few things you can do to make the stroke more consistent. One key component is training your arm and hand coordination. A good way to do this is by practicing a tennis backhand drill called the “French Curve.” This drill helps develop accuracy and power in your backhand.

Another important factor is practice rhythm and timing. Practicing swings with a consistent tempo will help you hit the ball with more power and accuracy. Keep working on your footwork. To execute a tennis backhand. One begins by positioning themself on the tennis court so that they are facing their opponent.

The player then takes a step back with their non-dominant foot and bends their knees so that they are in a low stance. A Player then swings their dominant arm back, while keeping their elbow close to their body. The player then swings their arm forward and hits the tennis ball with their hand.

How do You Execute a Tennis Backhand

Master Your Tennis Backhand Technique

One of the most common shots in tennis is the backhand. There are many different ways to execute the backhand, but one of the most common techniques is to hold the racquet at your waist and hit the ball with your hand extended backward. To do this effectively, you need to know how to control the ball and make sure that it goes where you want it to.

There are many techniques that can be used when playing tennis, and mastering your backhand is essential for becoming a successful player. One way to improve your backhand technique is to focus on your footwork.

Make sure you are taking small steps and keeping your weight on your back foot, so you can generate power and control when hitting the ball. You should also keep your arm close to your body, and make a smooth motion when swinging the racket.


There are a few key things one must do in order to execute a perfect tennis backhand. Stand sideways to the net, about two steps back from the baseline. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and that your weight is evenly distributed. Take a step forward with your non-dominant foot and bend your knees slightly.

Reach behind you with your dominant hand and grasp the tennis ball. Point your elbow up and keep your hand close to your body as you make contact with the ball. Swing your arm forward and hit the ball at its highest point. Follow through with your swing and land on the balls of both feet. The tennis backhand is a common stroke used in the sport of tennis.

A backhand is executed by swinging the racquet around your body with your dominant hand and striking the ball with the back of the racquet head. In order to execute this stroke effectively, you must first prepare for it by positioning your body and racquet in the correct stance. During preparation, you should bend your knees and lean slightly forward, while keeping your arm and hand close to your body.


The backswing in tennis is important because it sets up the player to hit the ball with power and accuracy. There are a few things that players need to focus on during the backswing: keeping their head down, keeping their back straight, and swinging through the ball. If players can focus on these things, they will be able to execute a powerful and accurate backhand.

The backswing is the preparatory motion of the arm and hand before hitting the ball. To execute a backhand in tennis, you must first take a step back with your leading foot and turn your hips and shoulders so your front shoulder points towards the net. Extend your arm back and hinge at the elbow to create tension in your upper arm.

Swing your arm forward and hit the ball with your hand slightly behind the ball. A backswing is a critical component of the tennis backhand stroke. It helps to create momentum and power for the shot. The backswing should be slow and smooth, and the racket should be kept close to the body. When you are ready to hit the ball, you should extend your arm and swing through the ball to hit it.

Swing and contact

In tennis, the backhand is a groundstroke that is hit with the back of your hand facing the ball. It is one of the two main strokes used in tennis (the other being the forehand). To execute a good backhand, you need to use your hips and shoulders to generate power.

You should also make contact with the ball at the point where your hand meets the racquet. This will give you more control over the ball. The backhand stroke in tennis is executed by swinging the racquet around your body and making contact with the ball near the top of its trajectory.

The swing and contact should be smooth and fluid in order to generate power and accuracy. In order to execute a good backhand, you should use your whole body, especially your hips and shoulders, to create momentum. You should also make sure to keep your arm close to your body and point the racquet face at the ball.

Tennis Backhand Tips For Beginners

A backhand in tennis is a groundstroke hit by the player opposite their dominant hand. The backhand is usually hit with more topspin than the forehand and is used to control the ball when returning a lob, as well as to attack the opponent’s court. A good backhand can be one of the most effective shots in a player’s arsenal. If you are just starting out playing tennis, here are some tips to help you develop a good backhand:

  • Make sure your grip is correct – your hand should be in a semi-closed position with your thumb pointing up.
  • Use your shoulder and arm to generate power, rather than your hand and wrist.
  • Hit through the ball, using your whole body to generate momentum.
  • Keep your eye on the ball until you make contact.

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