How do you practice lobs in Tennis? [Useful Tips]

Tennis is a sport that is based on the use of hand and arm movement. Lobbing is a technique used in tennis to create an angle between the ball and the opponent’s court.

The lob is an important part of the game because it can be used as an offensive or defensive tool.

Defensive lobs are used to get close to the net, while offensive lobs are used to take advantage of an opening in the opponent’s defense.

To practice lobs, you need to develop your serve and volley skills first. Then, work on your lobbing technique by practicing with soft balls until you become comfortable with them.

Once you have mastered your technique, try using harder balls to increase your accuracy and power.

How do you practice lobs in Tennis

What is the purpose of lob in Tennis?

Lob is one of the most strategic shots in tennis. It’s a high-powered groundstroke that can be used to take control of a point, break an opponent’s serve, or even win the match.

In order to understand why and how lobs are so important, it’s important to first understand the basics of tennis strategy. In singles, each player gets three service points per game.

Each service point is worth two points when played by the server (1 point for the receiver).

The server has responsibility for delivering the ball into play from their own side of the court (in front of their opponent’s baseline) and must hit it over the net and into the service area (between the baseline posts and center line) in order to give their team an opportunity to score points.

When should you use a lob shot in Tennis?

As it depends on the situation and your opponent. Generally speaking, lobs are best used when you can avoid putting the ball into your opponent’s court, or when you want to take advantage of an opponent’s weakness.

For example, if your opponent is poor at defending against overhead shots, a lob could be a good way to sneak one by them. Conversely, if your opponent is strong defensively, hitting them with a lob could give you an easy point.

Here are some situations when using a lob will give you an advantage:

  • If your opponent is playing too close to the baseline for your liking. A lob will put them far away from the net, making it difficult for them to defend against other shots.
  • If your opponent is hitting many short balls that you can’t reach. A lob will give you a chance to hit a high-percentage ball that may be out of your opponent’s reach.
  • If your opponent has difficulty defending against overhead shots. A lob can easily sail over their head and give you an easy point.

How do you hit an offensive lob in Tennis?

When you want to hit an offensive lob in tennis, you need to get your body into a good position. You should be standing tall with your shoulders back and your hips forward.

Your arms should be at your side, and you should have a wide stance. You then need to swing the racket through the air so that it is heading towards the ground.

When the racket is close to the ground, you need to hit it hard so that it goes into the air again. Here are some tips for hitting an offensive lob:

  • Find your center of gravity. When you hit the ball, find your center of gravity and keep your back foot planted firmly on the ground. This will help you control the ball and hit it accurately.
  • Keep your racket head low. When you make contact with the ball, keep your racket head low so that you can use the power of your swing to send it high into the air.
  • Hit through the middle of the ball. When you hit an offensive lob, aim for the middle of the ball this will give it more power and make it easier to finish off in court.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, practicing lobs can be a fun and effective way to improve your tennis game. If you are not comfortable with lobs, practicing them can help you become more comfortable with this powerful shot.

Remember to use a ball that is heavy enough to keep the ball in the air, but not so heavy that it becomes difficult to hit. Be patient while practicing these shots, and eventually you will be able to hit them with precision and power.

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