Is it Legal to Hit Ball with Your Hand in Tennis? (Explained)

In tennis, hand-eye coordination is essential in order to hit the ball with your hand. Players can choose to use their dominant hand or their non-dominant hand.

However, some tennis players believe that it is legal to hit the ball with their hand if they are within the limits of the court and the Rules of Tennis.

There is no clear answer as to whether it is legal or not, but Tennis governing bodies may decide that a player has violated the Rules if they hit the ball with their hand excessively.

it Legal to Hit Ball with Your Hand in Tennis

Whether or not hand-hitting is legal in Tennis

There is much debate over the legality of hand-hitting in tennis. The hand-hit sometimes referred to as a “lawn dart,” is when a player hits the ball with their hand instead of their racquet.

Some argue that hand-hitting is against the rules, while others claim that it is a legal technique as long as it doesn’t result in an unfair advantage. The rules of tennis are not specific on this issue, and there is no clear answer.

One argument against hand-hitting is that it gives players an unfair advantage. Since hand-hitting allows players to hit the ball harder and faster than they could with their racquet, they have an edge over their opponents.

Another argument against hand-hitting is that it’s dangerous. There have been cases where players have injured themselves or their opponents by using this technique.

How to do it

Tennis is a sport that requires both physical and mental strength. One of the most physically demanding aspects of tennis is playing with a ball that is constantly moving. A common rule in tennis is that the ball must be hit with a racquet, meaning it must be struck with an open hand or arm.

This rule is designed to protect players from receiving injuries by hitting the ball with their bodies. Despite this rule, some players believe it’s legal to hit the ball with their hands in tennis. Is it really okay to hit the ball with your hand?

When to do it

There is a time and place for everything in tennis, and hand-hitting is no exception. This technique can be used to add power and depth to your shots, but it’s important to know when and how to use it for maximum effect.

The best time to hand-hit is when your opponent has made a mistake and left you an opening. If you can hit the ball hard enough, you can take advantage of the opportunity and put your opponent on the defensive. Another good time to use hand-hitting is when you are serving.

You can use this technique to add more power to your service, which can throw your opponent off balance. Just make sure that you don’t rely on hand-hitting too much; if you do, your opponent will figure out what you’re doing and be able to counterattack.


There is a lot of debate in the tennis world over whether hand-hitting or using a racquet is better. Hand-hitting, as the name suggests, is hitting the ball with your hand instead of using a racquet. Though it may seem like a simple task, hand-hitting provides several advantages over using a racquet.

First, hand-hitting allows for more control over the ball. Because you are not relying on a piece of equipment to hit the ball for you, you have more precision and can place the ball where you want it. Second, hand-hitting is much faster than using a racquet.

This is because there is no time wasted swinging the racquet; you can simply reach out and hit the ball. Third, hand-hitting is great for trick shots.


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