Who has the fastest serve in Tennis? [Explained]

In tennis, some players are known for having the fastest serves. The record holder for the fastest serve in men’s singles is Roger Federer with a speed of 145.6 mph.

In women’s singles, Serena Williams holds the record with a speed of 147 mph.

Other top players who have fast serves include Andy Murray (147 mph), Novak Djokovic (145 mph), and Maria Sharapova (144 mph).

There are many factors that go into serving speed, including arm swing length, hand position, and footwork.

Who has the fastest serve in Tennis

What is the fastest serve ever at Wimbledon?

The Wimbledon Championships is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and since 1877, the championship has been contested by gentlemen’s singles players.

The current record holder for the fastest serve in a single match is Roger Federer who hit a serve at 153.6 mph (246.1 km/h) during his semifinal match against Andy Murray in 2013.

However, there are several other players who have served faster than Federer. In 1987, Ivan Lendl served at 146 mph (233.3 km/h), while Pete Sampras hit a serve at 148 mph (236 km/h) in 1990.

Who has the hardest serve in tennis?

In tennis, the server has a very important role. They must hit the ball hard and fast in order to put the opponent away quickly.

Some of the best servers in the world are some of the hardest hitters on the court. Here are eight of the hardest-serving players in tennis:

  • Novak Djokovic – Djokovic is known for his powerful serve, and he can really put a hurting on his opponents with it. He has averaged 176 mph on his serve over the course of his career, which is impressive!
  • Andy Murray – Murray also has a powerful serve, and he has been known to hit balls well over 147 mph. He can put opponents away quickly with his powerful shots.
  • Roger Federer – Federer is another player who can hit a very hard serve. Roger Federer’s serve speed is 145.6 mph.

What is the slowest serve in tennis?

In tennis, the slowest serve is generally considered to be the service that travels the slowest distance from the server’s hand to the receiver’s court.

The fastest serve in tennis is around 175 mph. It is called a “quick” serve because it takes less time to hit than a “normal” serve. A slow serve can be 95-100 mph.

This type of serve generally takes longer to reach its destination than a faster serve, and can sometimes be easily returned by the receiving player.

Because of this, slow serves are often used as an offensive tool by servers who want to take advantage of slower receivers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is difficult to say who has the fastest serve in Tennis. Some players have very quick serves that can reach speeds of over 140 mph.

Other players may have slower serves, but are able to hit them harder and longer, which can cause more damage to the opponent.

It is important for each player to have a good serve in order to win matches, so it will be interesting to see who can claim the title of the fastest serve in Tennis in the future.

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