Who was Stabbed in Tennis? [Explained]

In tennis, there have been a handful of incidents where players have been stabbed. The most recent case was in 2017 when Jonathon Kanary was stabbed by a fan during a Davis Cup match in Bulgaria.

The first recorded instance of a player being stabbed during a tennis match occurred in 1876 when British player Harry Gem was attacked by an opponent’s supporter.

Gem survived the attack and went on to win the match. In more recent years, there have been other cases of players being attacked with knives during matches.

In 1993, Monica Seles was stabbed by a fan of German player Steffi Graf during a tournament in Hamburg.

Seles recovered from her injuries and returned to the sport, but the incident caused her to miss nearly two years of competition.

Who was Stabbed in Tennis

What happened to Seles’s Tennis?

Seles was a Yugoslavian-American former World No. 1 professional tennis player. She won nine Grand Slam singles titles, including eight French Opens.

But in 1993, she was stabbed on the court by a deranged fan of German rival Steffi Graf. The attack put Seles out of action for two years and when she returned, her game was never the same.

The stabbing not only derailed Seles’s career but also took a toll on her psychologically. It’s hard to come back from something like that and compete at the highest level.

Seles struggled with anxiety and depression for years after the attack and she eventually retired from tennis in 2008.

Who got Stabbed in Wimbledon?

At least four people were stabbed in separate incidents in south-west London on Saturday, police said. The first stabbing happened in Wimbledon at about 15:00 BST.

A man, believed to be aged in his 20s, was found with knife wounds and taken to hospital. His condition is not yet known.

A short time later, another man was stabbed in the chest in nearby Merton. He was also taken to the hospital, where his condition is described as critical.

Then at about 17:30 BST, a woman was attacked and stabbed in the back near Mitcham Common. She is currently being treated in the hospital for her injuries.

Where did Monica Seles get Attacked?

Monica Seles was attacked on April 30, 1993, during a tournament in Hamburg, Germany. The attacker, Guenter Parche, stabbed her in the back with a nine-inch knife. Seles was 20 years old at the time.

Parche stated that he attacked Seles because she was “the world’s number one tennis player” and he wanted German player Steffi Graf to regain the top ranking. Seles did not play competitive tennis for two years after the attack.

Parche was charged with grievous bodily harm but found not guilty by reason of mental illness. He was given a suspended sentence and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tennis players are at a higher risk for stabbing injuries than the general population. This is due to the popularity of tennis and the number of people who play the sport.

The most common type of stabbing injury in tennis is a laceration, followed by puncture wounds. The majority of these injuries occur during matches, but can also occur during practice.

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